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I  lost my SEO ranking in changing websites.   So, I will have to work on that.   I hope you enjoy my new website.  I still have a couple of bugs to work out, but contact me with any questions you might have.

After the ban is lifted, I will hit it strong to try and provide mini sessions to help cover some of the events we have missed.

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Father /Daughter dance pictures (dress up in that special dress and bring dad along to get that forever image)

Some type of graduation pictures will hopefully be done.  

Hopefully recreation ball and swim team will get to continue.

Stay safe.


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Covid19 class of 2020class of 2020 Covid19 has changed the world. 

It will never be the same.

To the seniors that won't get to see

their proms or graduation ceremonies,

I am devastated for you.

The day it was announced I wrote this

poem and dedicate it to all of you.


Today there was an end,
It was the end of a school year.
Usually that statement brings joy
into the hearts of students.
But, seniors, my heart breaks for you.

Today there was a end,
spring sports, spring activities including
music, forensics and PROM.
There is no going to state to share those accomplishments.
A series of suppose to be last times
shut down in their tracks.

Today there was an end,
Exchange students will be going home,
They will not get to experience the real end of school and graduation.

Today there was a end,
Dreams and hopes of ending their
senior year 2020 with graduation ceremonies.

It feels like a death-its final.
We can't get it back.
There is shock,denial, and anger.
How could this be?

We try to bargain,
or ways to get around the decision that was made.
We are depressed and sad because so much came
into play to make a senior graduate.

Parents and teachers are just as heartbroken,
They would do anything for their kids,
at home or in the classroom.
They share in their struggles and joy in a job well done.

Today there was an end.
We didn't get to say goodbye.
We are going through the stages of grief.
They are rolled into one.
Acceptance is the next stage.

No, it is not a death of a person
But a period of time in our life.
We are doing this so that there will be less deaths
With the virus that is so destructive.

International, national, and local leaders are doing their best
Pray for them, support them.
They are trying to do what is best for the public.
The decision won't change, let's help them to accomplish what needs to be done.
Create new avenues of learning for students.
Grow that quality family time.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.
We don't know those reasons right now for this virus.
God will let us know.

I pray for our leaders and give them guidance into what they need to do.
I pray for all educators to help finish out their lessons online.
I pray for all students to be safe on their early vacation.
I pray for seniors.
I pray for all parents to transition into this phase.
I pray for this lost time in our lives and everything we didn't get to accomplish.
Please join me in prayer.

I pray for the day to be able to say:
Today there was an end - to a horrible virus.


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